Reinventing the patient payment process with artificial intelligence in medical billing


Patient payment propensity analysis with AI

ImagineAITake the guesswork out of patient collections using ImagineAI™, ImagineSoftware’s Medical Propensity to Pay Model. This fully-integrated rules application verifies and corrects patient demographic details within ImagineBilling™, while discovering additional coverage and focusing on those with the highest probability to pay. Based on the patient’s information, ImagineAI™ customizes the billing message and provides alternative payment methods for financial aid, establishing innovative statement strategies and streamlining resources for follow-up.

Key Features

  • Automated within Imagine
  • Learns and adjusts over time
  • Statement cycle based on patient’s ability to pay

Streamlines patient collections by discovering the right coverage

Ensures appropriate demographic information is correct

Established statement strategies and patient pay assistance

Erases manual process and performs in a fraction of the time and cost

Reinventing the Patient Payment Process

ImagineAI™ is the revenue cycle AI you need to save time and resources while increasing patient collections and ultimately enhancing your patient experience. This patient payment propensity analysis tool discovers the right coverage, evaluates the patient's ability to pay and customizes your billing messaging while also providing alternative payment methods including the potential for financial aid.

A Word from Our CEO...

"The manually-intensive process of verifying coverage and working to obtain patient payments is no longer efficient. We have pioneered the technology behind ImagineAI to create a truly unique, market-leading product that produces results in a fraction of the time and cost."

— Sam Khashman, ImagineSoftware CEO & President

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