Automated Patient Coverage Discovery


It is your money ... we'll help you find it. Discover patient insurance coverage.

ImagineDiscoveryPatients are not always aware of what their insurance coverage looks like, and once a charge is turned over to patient responsibility the chance of collecting for your service is drastically reduced. Arm your billing process with an automated solution that discovers insurance coverage which can be applied to a patient visit for payment. ImagineDiscovery™ is the coverage discovery tool that will allow you to identify patient-responsible revenue that you may have resolved to write off.  ImagineDiscovery™ actually helps you capitalize on funds that you didn't think you would ever collect!

ImagineDiscovery™ analyzes outstanding patient responsible charge data to determine if there is insurance coverage that can be applied to the visit for payment. At the same time, the patient's accounts are updated with correct information, and claims will be filed.

ImagineDiscovery™ covers over 98% of insured patients with over 800 payer connections, such as:
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Commercial

And handles two types of payment scenarios:
  • Active patient-responsible charges with a positive balance that have had a patient statement filed for 30 days or more with no payment, and
  • Written-off patient-responsible charges that have been sent to collections and are not older than 2 years from the charge's date of service.
  • Learn More about Discover Insurance Coverage from ImagineSoftware!

Did you know?

5%-7% of uncompensated case accounts have billable third-party coverage that is unknown to providers and vendors. An intuitive patient coverage check tool will capture that revenue, eliminate unnecessary refunds and reduce the need for back office FTEs.

How does ImagineDiscovery™ work?

Step 1
ImagineDiscovery™ checks for patient coverage that can be applied to their previous claim, allowing you to quickly bill and generate more revenue.

Step 2
It then identifies incremental revenue from insurance for patients who may not have had coverage at time of service and from A/R that is going to be written off.

Step 3
ImagineDiscovery™ learns and adjusts over time, leaving you with a more powerful tool after each discovery.

Key Features

  • Automated within ImagineBilling
  • Timely in capturing and collecting revenue
  • HIPAA and PCI-certified
  • Eliminates unnecessary refunds
  • Learns and adjusts itself over time

Only pay for money you collect, if you decide to collect.

Patient Coverage Check
Results can be run daily, weekly or monthly - it's up to you

Discover Insurance Coverage
Works as a safety net to provide a last attempt to find and recover revenue

Reinvent the patient payment process with automation and artificial intelligence

Together, ImagineDiscovery™ and ImagineAI™, ImagineSoftware's Propensity to Pay Model, determine patient coverage, assess a patient's ability to pay, and provide alternative payment methods. These solutions learn, adjust, and improve over time, erasing manual processes and performing in a fraction of the time and cost.

ImagineDiscovery + ImagineAI = More money collected post-service


  • Checks for patient coverage
  • Identifies incremental revenue
  • Self-improves after each discovery
  • Evaluates patient's ability to pay
  • Customizes billing messaging
  • Provides alternative payment methods

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