Mobile-Friendly Revenue Cycle Analytics


Mobile-Friendly Revenue Cycle Analytics

Mobile-Friendly Revenue Cycle Analytics Monitor your practice performance metrics with ImagineAnywhere™! This dashboard was created for physicians and administrators to work in conjunction with the ImagineBilling practice management system and displays up-to-date practice performance metrics with available user customizations. The application can be configured to provide data including charges and payments (posted by day, month or year), A/R, net collections, gross collections and other system data requested by the user.

ImagineAnywhere™ is compatible with any Apple device with OS2.0 or later. The application will sync via Wi-Fi or the user’s cellular network and downloads the latest metrics from their ImagineBilling account directly to the device. ImagineAnywhere™ provides timely data for users on the go, allowing them to view vital performance metrics at any time.
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"It’s a product that I really believe will be here as long as we are, and continue to evolve with us."

— Michelle Juette
Business Services Manager at Yakima Valley Radiology

Key Features

  • Metrics on the go
  • Metrics downloaded directly to device
  • User customization
  • Compatible for iPhone and Android

What are the benefits to your practice?

  • Practice performance metrics can be displayed by charge, payment/adjustment amount, charge/payment count, net/gross collections
  • Comparison analysis, breakdown of metrics over a given time period, and trending history
  • Compatible with multiple mobile devices for iPhone and Android
  • Works in conjunction with the ImagineSoftware Suite to bring you seamless revenue cycle analytics at your fingertips
  • Provides immediate and accurate performance updated from any location


With multiple devices including iPhone, iPad and Android


Depending on practice performance metric needs of the user

Easy Setup

Simply download the app for iPhone or Android within seconds


Billing analytics on the go from your Apple or Android device

What reports will you find on ImagineAnywhere™?

Top Level KPI’s, Metric Detail, and 6 Month Trend reports include:
  • Net collection rate
  • Accounts Receivable trends
  • Gross Collection Trends
  • Adjustments
  • Days in A/R

Metric Drill Down Report includes:
  • Net collection percentage on:
  • Payments
  • Refunds
  • Charges
  • Adjustments
Metric Comparison Capabilities Report Includes:
  • A/R
  • Adjustments
  • A/R – MTD
  • Bad Debt Adjustment
  • Bad Debt as Gross Collection Percentage

6-Month Trend Report Includes:
  • Net Collection rate
  • Accounts Receivable trends
  • Gross Collection rate
  • Adjustments
  • Days in A/R
12-Month Trends Report
And more!

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