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Claims management solutions grow revenue without the manual workload

Claims Management Solutions
Accelerate your collections performance with tools that are designed to help you save staff time and streamline medical claims management solutions, correcting errors that create denied claims like duplicate billing, incorrect CPT modifiers, and inaccurate patient information.

"Everything used to be manual. We've gained a lot of efficiencies through automation with Imagine."

Physicians Professional Management Corp talks about ditching outdated and manual workflows with medical claims management software automation.

We really are different from the other guys.

claims processing software
Improve coding accuracy and remove manual workflows with Imagine's Advanced Auto Coding assistance and built in claim scrubbers.

claims management solution
Never worry about missing or incorrect patient information again with an AI tool that validates and corrects patient insurance and demographics, checks eligibility, and completes ID verification.

claims coverage discovery
Our automated patient coverage discovery tool analyzes patient-responsible charge data to determine if there is insurance coverage that can be applied to a visit.

claims business intelligence
Monitor duplicate and repeat claims submissions, denial rates, and time to final reimbursement to ensure claims are generating efficiently and identify areas for process improvement.

medical claims management software

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