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  • To increase the predictability of your daily workflow.
  • To improve the accuracy of your claims.
  • To learn how 20 years of reliable client service benefits practices like yours.

In a time of uncertainty, what is Certainty in Billing?

Certainty in Billing cer·tain·ty / in / bi·lling/: a reliable revenue cycle management solution, reliability found through ImagineSoftware’s automation, artificial intelligence, and analytics

  • Improve workflow and efficiency
  • Automate manual tasks such as claims processing and payment collection
  • Custom rules based on individual workflows
  • Auto-coding, automatic electronic remittance and real-time data validation
  • BOTS correct errors in billing and patient information
  • Validates insurance, determines payment and financial aid options
  • Configures number of statements and write-offs – saving you time and money
  • Learns and adjusts over time
  • Provides unparalleled accuracy
  • Erases manual process, performs quickly and securely
  • Improve financial performance with data-driven decision-making
  • Gain insight into practice operations
  • Empower your organization with key performance indicators
  • Monitor financial performance from the safety of your home office
  • Identify revenue opportunities with interactive dashboards

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For 20 years, ImagineSoftware has delivered Certainty in Billing to thousands of hospitals, medical practices, and billing companies. Our innovative, streamlined, and adaptive billing software boosts efficiency and increases revenue – Imagine what we can do for your organization.

ImagineSoftware, the leader in medical billing software, is dedicated to your success, offering a lasting promise to provide advanced technology and exceptional support – bringing certainty back to your billing solution.

Times are uncertain, but your billing shouldn’t be.
ImagineSoftware is Certainty in Billing.

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