Transitioning to a New Radiology Billing System

Practice Manager and Director of IT & Business Processes, Client Success Story


A Radiologist and imaging center client of ImagineBillingTM provides patients with the most advanced levels of technology and clinical research to advance their medical imaging services. They has five imaging locations and went live with ImagineSoftware at the beginning of October 2017.

"Customer service is outstanding. I’ve seen a lot of systems and this one is the most trainable. It’s a smooth system. You don’t need four to six weeks to train staff. I truly feel that all the information you need is at your fingertips."

The Challenge: Race Against the Clock

Practice Manager and Director of IT and Business Processes were faced with the unexpected when their software vendor informed their practice that they would no longer support their medical billing solution. Their practice went back to the drawing board for a fourth software solution in a sixteen-year time span. They needed to select and transition into a new medical billing system within twelve to eighteen months, without compromising the migration of A/R or experiencing downtime.

They also needed a solution that would completely migrate their data. Practice Manager mentioned, "We moved to a new software solution two years ago and we are still working on the conversion. We still receive requests and apply payments from our old system because our new system couldn’t convert everything. We didn’t want to maintain two side systems plus a new system this time around."

According to Erin, "I knew I would have to pitch a new solution to our board of directors, so the solution we chose had to be seamless. Any time we went to our board of directors, we ran the risk of losing our independence. It’s easy to outsource billing to a third-party company, but we would like to become a billing company and gain a customer or two."

The Selection of ImagineSoftware
After undergoing multiple vendor evaluations, cost/benefit analyses, and developing a plan with the Imagine Team to manage a conversion in the middle of the year, they began migrating to ImagineSoftware in the beginning of October 2017. "I didn’t want to mess around. Imagine[Software] knew what we wanted and showed sensitivity to how many transitions we had already undergone."

The Transition

Staff was trained for three days prior to go-live. The transition took place over the weekend, enabling the practice's team to come in on Monday morning and begin using the new software. The staff dedicated only four hours with no phone interruptions to learn the new system and were fully functional later the same day. "The support team was very helpful and gave us direct phone numbers to contact them after-hours. It made the transition remarkable. Everything was ready by that Monday morning and it was the smoothest transition to new software that I’ve ever experienced." To ease the minds of staff members that would undergo a fourth software change, Practice Manager simply stated, "I told my staff that they were getting an upgrade times ten. The entire process was much easier than any other conversion we have experienced."

"You always hear people say 'I'll believe it when I see it.'' But I DID see it. I knew right away that we made the right decision to switch. ImagineSoftware is where I had always wanted to be."

The Results: Automation, Customization and Support

Following implementation, the practice experienced many improvements in software support. "Turnaround on resolving billing issues is a big deal for us. Once I began using Imagine’s ticketing system, it was a refreshing change of pace to have tickets closed in twenty-four to fourty-eight hours and to feel like the support team really cares about us." The practice also experienced automation of their billing process with the use of ImagineAppliance®. "[ImagineSoftware] is highly intuitive for the user. Couple it with ImagineAppliance® which allows us to automate manual functions, and our updates move in automatically instead of manually releasing them. It gives us a lot of extra functionality and we got a lot of bang for our buck."

In addition, the practice now has the ability to drill down denials according to insurance plan. "In this day and age, there are countless types of insurance plans. Imagine has changed with the times and programmed the system to accept a lot of changes taking place in our fluid insurance environment."

"This transition was huge for us this year in terms of saving money and time. All of our data migrated into Imagine immediately, and that's a huge plus for this system."