Scalability, Reporting, and Patient Payment Portals for Radiology Billing

Vice President of Reimbursement Operations, Client Success Story | 2018


Cliff Bazhaw is the Vice President of Reimbursement Operations for RadNet Management Inc, the largest provider of freestanding, fixed-site outpatient diagnostic imaging in the country and an ImagineSoftware client of 3 years. As vice president, part of Cliff's operational role for a medical billing software company is identifying ways to offer and utilize a full range of solutions that make the lives of both clients AND patients easier.

The Challenge(s):

How to Scale Medical Billing
RadNet Management Inc is an imaging powerhouse in the radiology community, owning and operating over 300 imaging centers nationwide. "RadNet is several acquisitions combined into one company," said Cliff.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics
Another challenge that came along with managing so many locations was RadNet's ability to access reports in a timely manner. "We needed software that could give us unlimited reporting capabilities," said Cliff. "Software we've used before didn't have real-time reporting. To manage our imaging centers and A/R the way we wanted to, we knew we needed it real-time."

The Results

ImagineSoftware's business intelligence tool played an important role in RadNet's selection of a new software provider. Cliff explained, "It's incredible. The information you get from the tool is all you really need to manage your A/R, and you get it in real-time. That's a big plus for us."After undergoing multiple vendor evaluations, cost/benefit analyses, and developing a plan with the Imagine Team to manage a conversion in the middle of the year, they began migrating to ImagineSoftware in the beginning of October 2017. "I didn’t want to mess around. Imagine[Software] knew what we wanted and showed sensitivity to how many transitions we had already undergone."

"Our challenge from the beginning was that every acquisition used different billing software. We've been able to put all of our imaging centers onto one platform, so [ImagineSoftware] has certainly helped us from that perspective," said Cliff.

Cliff also spoke about the convenience of offering a payment portal for patients to easily pay their medical bills. As we've mentioned on the blog before, offering patient-centered solutions is where the industry is going. It recognizes a huge paint point that providers face in in terms of patient financial responsibility, which is at an all-time high. "I manage about 170 call center individuals who answer questions about patient statements," said Cliff. "[ImaginePay] helps us get patients on and off the phone quickly and it's really convenient for the end-user to obtain credit card information or ACH for checking. [The payment] hits the patient's account immediately, so from a billing cycle perspective, it's convenient for the patient and we don't have to send out more statements."