Radiology Group Practice Upgrades to a New Billing Solution

IT Trainer and Software Administrator, Client Success Story


ImagineSoftware works with a private practice group offering hospital staffing service and image interpretation for imaging centers and physicians’ offices throughout the state of Kentucky. With radiologists specializing in Vascular & Interventional Radiology, Neuroradiology, Nuclear Radiology, Musculoskeletal Radiology and Breast Imaging, this private practice group delivers the best medical care possible to patients regardless of their location. It has 15 employees on billing staff with approximately 500,000 charges per year.

"ImagineSoftware's support and implementation team have been tackling our issues. I never feel alone which is how I’ve felt in the past with other software solutions. Support has been great."

The Challenge: Eliminate Manual Billing Processes and Support Inefficiencies

The client's IT Trainer and Software Administrator experienced inefficiencies in the day-top-day billing workflow and in software support at the practice group. The radiology practice has fifteen employees in their billing staff, all of whom had to create workarounds and complete manual tasks to ensure that their billing software worked properly. "As far as support, we never made a lot of traction in fixing our process weaknesses. If something happened — like the hospital unexpectedly changing an interface — we'd contact support and it would take thirty days to resolve the issue. We don’t have the manpower to address that kind of problem with manual entry, and that hinders the amount of revenue we should receive." While the practice's old software vendors attempted to solve their workflow issues, they were not always addressed or could not be resolved, leading to more manual processes in their billing workflow.

"I never questioned the support team's knowledge of the system, a feeling I've had with software support teams in the past."

The Selection of ImagineSoftware

According to the Software Administrator, "We evaluated other products and ultimately chose ImagineSoftware because we saw so many functionality improvements compared to where we were at the time. It was worth it for us to jump in." The practice's team also attended the ImagineSoftware 2017 Client Conference and had the opportunity to discuss their issues with the Imagine Team face-to-face.

Once they decided to transition to ImagineSoftware, the team experienced a seamless transition of data. "We don't have to work dual-systems, which is rare when you make a switch to a new billing solution. You could be stuck working dual-systems for two or three years, sometimes longer. Our data migrated very well and the software worked the first time, which is huge."

"ImagineSoftware worked the first time, which was huge."

The Solution: Reliable Support and Efficient Claims Management

The largest improvement in workflow was for the practice's coders using the ImagineBillingTM filtering capabilities and ImagineAppliance®. "The filtering capability is phenomenal, that's not something we had before. Coders can filter down and focus on procedures, insurance, etc. It's a huge improvement when you can drill down that information instead of catching it as you go. We improved our rate of denials with that." The practice also experienced improved automation in electronic remittance posting with ImagineAppliance®. "ImagineAppliance® gives us a more granular ability to figure out what happens to a denial depending on its corresponding insurance plan. That's going to be a huge improvement for us overall."

"We now have the ability to accurately map our electronic remittance with ImagineAppliance®. It gives us a granular ability to figure out what happens to a denial depending on its corresponding insurance plan. That's going to be a huge improvement for us overall."

Once the practice began ImagineSoftware implementation, the Software Administrator noticed a change in the level of support. "Every software company has its weaknesses, but if you’re supported well, you can handle them. If not, you're left on your own. I never feel alone with ImagineSoftware support." The Imagine Support and Implementation teams worked together to provide the practice with an unprecedented level of personal support. "With other software companies, you call support and you get who you get on the phone, they may not be an expert in the area you have a problem in. Imagine is different in that way." "We have one dedicated Client Success Manager that we contact, and someone who serves as a back-up, which is the smartest way to set up support in my opinion. When we call, we know we're talking to someone that understands our challenges personally."

"The functionality of the software is great. We experienced a seamless transition of our patient data and we don't have to work dual-systems."