The Road Back to 100% Post-Pandemic

Yakima Valley Radiology: An Independent Radiology Group | 2021

The Client

Yakima Valley Radiology is an independent radiology group’s billing company serving the greater Yakima Valley and surrounding areas.

The Challenge

Maintaining a bird’s eye view of volume & coding changes throughout 2020.

In March 2020, the United States entered a nation-wide quarantine to fight the spread of COVID-19. Between this mass shutdown and a local hospital closing just a month prior, Yakima Valley Radiology sought after real-time reporting to monitor their facilities’ volume changes and better predict upcoming trends. With volumes down 60% from the previous year due to the pandemic, Yakima Valley Radiology also searched for ways to further automate their billing process – keeping up with changes in business, legislation, and coding.

The Yakima team uncovered additional features within multiple areas of the ImagineBillingTM system, providing exactly what they were looking for:

  • ImagineAppliance®– Automates routine manual processes for hands-free operating
  • AutoCoderTM – Automates coding process and identifies common coding scenarios through rules-based system
  • Charge Central – Automates charge capture for faster, more accurate processing when working charges
  • Criteria Builder – Advanced rules-management module for automating logic-driven, user-defined billing rules
  • Profiles – Accommodates multiple payor profiles for better insight into managing insurance payments

The Solution

Leveraging ImagineBillingTM real-time reporting & automation functionality.

Yakima Valley Radiology utilized data pulled from ImagineBilling’s Charge Central and Criteria Builder modules to run weekly and monthly reports for each doctor and billing location. This data-mine provided doctors with real-time volume changes to monitor and track the effects of COVID-19's quarantine and its aftermath. Five total reports were pulled for each facility, tracking volume, modality, service date, activity, and coding – all to ensure accurate comparisons between current and past year’s statistics.

"I wanted to provide real numbers versus ‘This is what I think is going on’."
~Michelle Juette, Billing Manager at Yakima Valley Radiology

Throughout 2020, Yakima Valley Radiology wanted to continue advancing their automation and accuracy. Utilizing ImagineBilling’s AutoCoderTM and Charge Central tools, along with ImagineAppliance, their team was empowered to maintain accurate claims processing, keep up with updated codes, and monitor payor and contract changes.

The Yakima Valley Radiology team optimizes ImagineSoftware’s products to their highest standard by taking part in ongoing learning initiatives provided to all Imagine clients at no additional cost, including monthly ImagineBilling and Product Release training webinars, as well as ImagineLearning courses, to implement best and most up-to-date practices. As new features and functionality are released, Yakima Valley Radiology wants to ensure they are used promptly and properly – which is credited for their consistent revenue streams year after year.

The Results

With ImagineBillingTM, Yakima Valley Radiology has been able to:

  • Maintain all billing staff throughout COVID-19 shutdown & after effects.*
  • Maintain all physicians throughout COVID-19 shutdown & after effects.*
  • Reach 100% pre-pandemic volumes as of March 2021.*

As numbers continue to stabilize, Yakima Valley Radiology plans to continue close monitoring of practice performance with weekly reporting to provide accurate insight into trends and future business decisions - for both clinical and billing staff.

"We’re focused on not missing a beat."
~Michelle Juette, Billing Manager at Yakima Valley Radiology

Days in Accounts Receivable: Monthly Average = 24.47**


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* For existing facilities

** Industry Standard for 'Excellence is 30-35 days.