Configuring a Managed Care System to a Preferred Platform

Systems Application Manager, Client Success Story | 2018


ImagineSoftware works with a client utilizing a managed risk platform that covers 534,000 lives in Arizona and Utah. Since the company was established in 1990, it has significantly grown its core managed Medicaid Plan membership, while building a robust provider network. Today, the diverse and growing managed risk platform is comprised of health insurance plans, a management services organization, and accountable care network. This platform is at the core of Steward's goal to integrate patient, provider, and payer components of the health care industry under one banner to deliver the best possible care in the communities where patients live.

"They have been nothing but gracious and available. ImagineMedMCTM really feels like our partner."


The Challenge: It's All in The Details

The client's Systems Application Manager has worked with ImagineSoftware’s ImagineMedMCTM product for 15 years. ImagineMedMCTM is a start-to-finish automated software solution for managed care organizations. After ten years, he transitioned into information technology where he experienced more hands-on configuration with the software product and the ImagineMedMCTM support team. "I wasn’t working with the company when the ImagineMedMCTM product was implemented, but my company has used ImagineMedMCTM since the mid 90’s." One of the biggest challenges my company faces on a daily basis is the level of detail needed to conduct business with the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), or Arizona Medicaid.

He explained, "From a regulator standpoint, everything is configured at a fine level of detail. We require a lot of custom programming in order to administer the benefits of running this type of organization. From a technical point of view, onboarding new employees and helping them learn a brand new managed care system can always be difficult."

"I know the ImagineMedMCTM team well. They will do whatever it takes to get things done."

The Results: Customization, Support and Efficiency

Due to the nature of the business that his company operates under, the organization needs a high level of customization, maintenance, and support from the product team. He elaborated, "We have a number of custom builds within the platform, so the ImagineMedMCTM support team has quite the challenge of implementing and maintaining the software for us. They have been nothing but gracious and available. ImagineMedMCTM really feels like our partner." Another major advantage of ImagineMedMCTM is transaction processing efficiency. "Since our version of ImagineMedMCTM is a mainframe-based system, the transaction speed is insane, even under heavy workloads. It can process an enormous amount of transactions in a small period of time."

"Transaction speed is insane, even under heavy workloads. It can process an enormous amount of transactions in a small period of time."