Working From Home: Tips for Managers and Employees

In this new landscape, many of us are finding a “new normal” and developing resourceful ways to accomplish our tasks, set goals and meet deadlines.


At ImagineSoftware, one of our core values is a “No Excuses Attitude” meaning that we “keep our focus on the solution, not the limitations.” As such, we have been dedicated to implementing efficient work from home practices to continue servicing our clients and therefore the industry successfully. 

Here are some tips for those that find themselves working from home:

  • 1. Find a new routine

Your old routine of waking up for work, grabbing coffee and fighting traffic has probably been adjusted to waking up, grabbing coffee and trying to answer emails from your kitchen table. But finding a new routine will help you stay in the right mindset to work through your daily objectives.

Here are some tips:

  • Don’t work in your pajamas. Set your alarm, get ready for the day and use that time you would be fighting traffic to get a jump start on your objectives.
  • Take breaks. Don’t push through your day and forget to take your usual coffee and lunch breaks. It’s important to get up and walk around throughout the day to stay motivated and avoid that 3pm slump.
  • Stay hydrated! If you put a large water bottle on your desk, it will remind you to drink your daily water intake, and keeping it refilled will also help you take a few breaks throughout the day.
  • Have a dedicated working space. Studies have shown that having a dedicated workspace in your home helps you stay focused and productive. Try to find a desk or table you can work from that will allow you the space you need to set up your laptop and get as much work done as you can in the time you have.

  • 2. Video conference

Many of us aren’t thrilled with the idea of showing our face onscreen but gaining context through body language and expression is key to staying connected with your co-workers and team. Make eye contact with your camera so your teammates can connect with you and you can give them your undivided attention in return.


3. Communicate often


It’s important that your team knows what is happening within the organization and within the team as working remotely continues to gain popularity. Having a quick 15-minute discussion in the morning helps the team understand where the priorities and objectives fall each day and how they can help each other by pooling resources. Checking in on an individual level each afternoon will also help you get ahead of any concerns or issues your employees may be experiencing.

If your company is set up to communicate via the company intraweb, setting up a channel where your team can not only share updates, ask questions and communicate their wins is important to keep everyone connected.

It’s also important to discuss when you will be working and if hours need to be adjusted due to life circumstances. Letting your team know when you’re available and asking them how you can help them accomplish their redefined goals is important in maintaining a cohesive communication stream.

  • 4. Adjust priorities as necessary

With major events being cancelled and social distancing being mandated, it’s important that your company and team adjusts their priorities. If your company is scaling back their trade shows, how can you leverage your company blog or social media platforms to communicate about your product or services? Are you utilizing your email marketing program to give your clients and prospects information? Could you implement a webinar option to give prospective clients live demos?

All of this requires flexibility and support without micromanaging. If your team is given the tools to do their job and meet expectations, then it’s important they feel trusted and supported to meet their goals. There is strength in flexibility and with the right amount of accountability you may even see your team flourish under these new guidelines.

During this time, it’s important to stay grounded and keep perspective. While we enjoy the flexibility of working from home, we can also miss the day to day connection with our co-workers. Using tools such as video conferencing and chat will help minimize the impact the lack of face to face communication would have on our day to day businesses. Hopefully by employing some of our tips you can stay productive during this next season and motivate and engage your new remote workforce!


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