PPMC - Making the Move from Manual to Automated Medical Billing

It's automation month at ImagineSoftware! We're focusing on the role automation plays in providing health organizations with better staff efficiency, medical billing and patient collections. What better way to kick it off than with PAPER, and lots of it. At least that’s what ImagineSoftware client Physicians Professional Management Corp (PPMC) experienced prior to automating their medical billing process.

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The Paper Problem: Manual Medical Billing

PPMC specializes in medical billing and physician practice management, billing for specialties ranging from radiology to pathology, office-based, anesthesia and more. Mariya Hebert, IT Manager at PPMC, shared her past experiences with manual medical billing during last year’s ImagineSoftware Client Conference. “Some of the challenges we faced with our last software vendor was lack of automation. Everything was manual – no electronic remits, no electronic claims files. Everything was paper, paper, paper.”

Time is Money

Did you know that nearly a third of providers in the US are still using manual claims processes? Considering that providers spend anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes per claim on manual tasks like phone calls, faxing and mail, imagine the money and time lost. To put it into perspective, one study showed that medical providers could save at least 1.1 million labor hours per week by transitioning to fully electronic transactions.

Medical Billing Efficiency by Automation

Mariya also spoke about the efficiencies that PPMC gained once the medical billing company left their former software vendor.  “Using Imagine, we have been able to provide our clients with electronic charges, electronic demos and different conversion methods. We send out claims electronically and we receive payments electronically for the bulk of our payors. We also receive a lot of our patient payments electronically versus before when we didn’t have that option. We’ve gained a lot of efficiencies.”

As we've mentioned in a previous blog post, implementing automated tasks within the medical billing workflow can save time for billing managers and medical billing to reallocate to patients. “We do a lot of automation with the ImagineAppliance® to take care of our A/R staff claims,” Hebert said, “so there are fewer people needing to touch things manually.”

To learn more about PPMC and their experience with ImagineSoftware, watch the video above and check out our claims management solutions!

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