Increase Patient Satisfaction with Digital Communication

Communicating with your patients is key to patient satisfaction. 89% of patients feel they do not spend adequate time with their physician during their visits which can leave them feeling disregarded and less likely to keep their doctors’ orders.

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In an era where technology is ever increasing, there are now more ways than ever to connect with your patients and continue fostering a relationship after they have left your office. Today we’re going to look at 3 ways you can improve your communication with your patients using technology.

Patient Portals

Patient portals are still a relatively new technology that provides a way for patients to book appointments, view their treatment history, pay bills and request a tele-visit directly with their provider without needing to call or come into the office.

“Having bi-directional messaging between the patient and provider, not only is convenient on both sides, but it saves an administrative burden as well,” he continued. “And being able to show that health record to the patient enhances the communication lines and provides self-service which is great for the patient and the provider.”

Overall, patients tend to like having this view of their health data when it is offered to them, and nearly 80% of patients have regular access to the internet and can use this feature. The most important thing is ensuring your patients know how to use the portal and have the opportunity to sign up on site before they leave your practice. For more information you can read this article.

Text Messages

A secure text messaging forum may be exactly what your practice needs to keep in touch with busy clients. Mary Clare Lingel, vice president of operations at Cedars-Sinai, says “We all tend to have very busy lives, especially working professionals with families. It is difficult to get on the phone with our providers during the day, so we’re looking at all ways in which we can expand access for our patients to us when they need the access.”

Cedars-Sinai has implemented WELL, a secure text messaging platform, to be able to respond to patients quickly and immediately as well as dive into conversations to answer questions quickly and efficiently. As their staff has been able to integrate the new texting platform into their staff workflows, they have seen a tremendous response from their patient base which has directly correlated to an increase in patient satisfaction.

Social Media Support Group

One of the things that providers are turning to is using social media to form virtual support groups for individuals and caregivers. Beyond giving the patients an added layer of support and comradery, nearly 60% of support group users “reported feeling reassured in their healthcare decisions” and empowered to ask their providers more detailed questions surrounding their care and treatment plans.

The internet and social media have become an integral part of our everyday lives, which has changed the way we interact with our friends and loved ones. When patients can turn part of their daily routine into something that offers a deeper level of emotional support and validation it increases communication with the provider as well as raises patient satisfaction from being part of a supportive and informative community.

Healthcare organizations with high patient satisfaction and CAHPS scores see a multitude of benefits, including higher reimbursement rates from CMS, better retention rates and assurance for the hospital staff that they have provided a positive experience for their patients. Clear and quick communication is an integral part of having a positive healthcare experience, and with the addition of a few key elements you can bring your organizational communication into a new era of patient-provider communication and satisfaction.

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