ImagineInsight: Healthcare Consumerism and Patient Payment Portals

ImagineInsight provides a glimpse into the people behind our software solutions. It features commentary on a wide range of topics including challenges facing the world of healthcare, new product launches, and how Imagine can help providers navigate this ever-changing industry. Nick DiCristo, Vice President of Business Development, and Martin Grist, Director of Excellence, join us for a little humor, a little conversation, and a lot of discussion around healthcare consumerism.

Now more than ever, patients are looking for a healthcare experience similar to other shopping experiences in their lives. Quality care combined with a convenient way for patients to pay hospital bills online is what is needed to differentiate providers from others in their respective specialties.

Watch this episode of ImagineInsight to learn more about meeting healthcare consumerism with best practices and why you should offer patients and online payment portal with ImaginePayTM!

Nine out of ten people prefer online patient payment portals.
ImaginePayTM is mobile, transparent and secure.
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