Pollux Systems Inc - Multi-Specialty Billing, Automation and Global Healthcare Reporting

A few weeks ago, we held our 2018 Client Conference in Charlotte, NC. Our customers traveled from all across the country to join us for three days of in-depth sessions, collaboration, and a little fun with the Imagine Team. I had the opportunity to interview clients representing companies of all shapes and sizes. I love meeting customers face-to-face and hearing about their experiences with ImagineSoftware. I learned about what they love and what they think can be improved, and that insight is invaluable.

Medical billing is hard, that's where we come in.
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One interview that really stood out was Joseph Gesser's from Pollux Systems Inc. He was not only chipper and a natural on camera, he also explained why automated billing and reporting capabilities are imperative to the success of a company that bills for Radiology, Anesthesia, Pathology and practice management accounts.

Joseph Gesser is the Director of Technology Solutions for Pollux Systems Inc, a multi-specialty billing company and ImagineSoftware client of five years.

More Interface Capabilities and Automated Denial Management

In comparison to billing companies that bill for one specialty, companies like Pollux Systems bill for specialties that have very different coding and billing requirements, so utilizing a medical billing software solution that has the ability to interface with all of them effectively is key. Joseph explained, "We've been able to increase our interface capabilities with our clients to automate certain features, as well as increase our ability to work denials automatically and be more effective on the collections cycle."

Medical Business Intelligence and Global Healthcare Reporting

Joseph also explained the need for a business intelligence tool that could pull data and provide reporting for every type of Pollux Systems client. "From the very beginning, we needed a tool that could report globally across our entire client-base, and that's where [Imagine]Intelligence stepped in," said Joseph. "It allowed us to build global reporting for our management [team] and also provided us with client-level information."

To find out more about Joseph Gesser, Pollux Systems Inc, and their experience with ImagineSoftware, watch the video and visit our medical billing company solutions page.

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