5 Things You Should Know About Charlotte Before #ImagineTheConference

When I started working for ImagineSoftware, I had no idea how much I would fall in love with both the company and the city Charlotte. I’m a small-town girl... really. I was raised in a town with two stop-lights. So you can imagine my excitement moving into the big metropolis of Charlotte, NC. It’s definitely a young, thriving city that’s very welcoming to newcomers (I’m convinced we have the nicest Uber drivers ever) but there are a lot of interesting things visitors may not know about Charlotte. Here are some of my favorite quick facts about the Queen City, and a few tid- bits for you to keep in mind during your time here at the Client Conference!

Uptown or Downtown? What you would normally call “Downtown” Charlotte is actually referred to as “Uptown” here, much to the confusion of basically everyone who isn’t a local. I’ve lived here for almost two years and I still catch myself saying things like, “Let’s go into downto – er, I mean, uptown for dinner tonight.” It’s because central Charlotte sits at a higher elevation than the rest of the city. So, on your way to the Marriott City Center, you’re literally driving up to town!

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Buzz City. You’ll notice everywhere you turn, even sometimes emblazed on the side of police vehicles, a logo with a purple and teal hornet on it. That’s our NBA team, The Hornets. Why an insect, you may ask? Back in 1780, when British General Charles Cornwallis marched his men through the city during the Revolutionary War, he met a strong resistance by local residents which he went on to call “a hornet’s nest of rebellion.” Well, we took that and ran with it. The city has definitely embraced his words! You may hear Charlotte also referred to as “Buzz City”. That one is pretty self-explanatory! Speaking of, North Carolina is CRAZY about sports. The Hornets, Panthers, Checkers, Knights, Tarheels… you name it. Our office has a lot of hard-core NC sports fans! 

charlotte nascar hall of fame

Start Your engines... On the way to the Marriot City Center, chances are your Uber will take you near the 150,000-square-foot NASCAR Hall of Fame. It’s basically an interactive entertainment attraction that honors the history and heritage of NASCAR. I have a soft spot for the Hall, since it was the location of my first ImagineSoftware Vision Day last year! Just down the interstate, Concord, NC is the home of the famed Charlotte Motor Speedway which hosts three of NASCAR’s biggest annual events: The Coca-Cola 600, the Bank of America 500, and the NASCAR Spring All-Star Race. Yeah, our city loves NASCAR! 

Carolinas Aviation Museum

Taking in The View From Above. Remember back in 2009 when Captain Sully had to make an emergency landing on the Hudson River? Now you can see it on display at the Carolinas Aviation Museum! Every now and again, a few passengers and crew members will swing by the museum for meet and greets with visitors. If you signed up for the Aviation Museum Excursion, make sure you check it out! 

Bank of America Uptown

Money, money, money.
Charlotte is well known for its major contributions to the U.S. Financial Markets. It’s actually the second largest major banking city in the country with – can you guess it? – New York City of course taking the lead. Bank of America Headquarters and the East Coast operations of Wells Fargo (formerly known as Wachovia) are here. Not only that, there are actually 10 Fortune 500 companies that either headquarter here or have corporate operations in the city! Others including Lowes, Family Dollar, and Chiquita Brands International.

Haven’t had enough? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see the city for yourself next week! The team can’t wait to welcome you all to our wonderful city. Until then, Imagine On! (Pssst... Once you're here, don't forget to use #ImagineTheConference when you post on social media!) 

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