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Learn how some companies have seen a 12-29% increase in their bottom line after switching to Imagine

  • Easily convert your billing software with no data loss
  • Automate medical claims processing for hands-free billing
  • Customize your workflow using 1,000+ interfaces


Our software suite is perfect for medical billing companies of any size and over 25 specialties. Offering advanced software to cut costs, improve efficiency, and increase profits, ImagineSoftware is your partner in revenue cycle management.
Delivering comprehensive medical billing company software and services to fit your clients’ needs, with all the tools you need to make billing, collections, and practice management more intuitive and productive. Learn More about Imagine's Medical Billing Software for Billing Companies.

Features and Benefits

  • Artificial Intelligence Software — A software that finds and corrects patient information, learning and adjusting over time, reducing denials and collecting more.
  • Client Service and Support — Discover the advantage of having a dedicated billing partner from initial set up through long-term growth.
  • Business Analytics Software — Forecasting reports and customizable dashboards across multiple practices for making more informed decisions.
  • Training and Certification — Learn about the latest features and advanced certification to keep you and your billing staff at peak performance.
  • Compliance — Secures patient personal and payment method information through a HIPAA and PCI-certified platform.


Pollux Systems Inc talks about how ImagineSoftware has helped this multi-specialty medical billing company automate denial management.


Greatly reduce your statement and collection costs. Automated within ImagineBilling™, ImagineAI™ helps identify appropriate patient coverage, evaluate a patient’s ability to pay and customizes billing methods for patient payment.


  • Learns and adjusts after each discovery
  • Knows how many statements to send a patient based on their ability to pay
  • Streamlines patient follow-up and collections by finding the right form of coverage, and gives alternative payment methods if needed
  • Locates additional patient coverage, focusing on those with the highest probability to pay
ImagineAI™ is the intelligence you need to collect more on patient payments

Every practice is unique, and medical billing can be complicated. That's why we created a suite of revenue cycle management solutions to meet the needs of over 46,000 physicians nation-wide.

Medical Billing Software for billing companies

As the industry's first intelligent, multi-platform billing management software system, ImagineBilling™ practice management software improves cash flow, simplifies processes and provides real-time productivity monitoring to help your clients achieve peak billing performance and measurable RCM results. More...

  • Automates the billing process
  • Reporting and dashboard capabilities
  • Scrubbed claims and denials
  • Insurance, denial and patient ticklers


Taking revenue cycle management to the next level, ImagineAppliance® automates charge capture and file transfer, allowing for quicker and more accurate submission of claims. With flexible set-up, easy-to-use navigation and detailed logging of each action performed, eliminate time-consuming manual claim submission on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on your business’s needs. More...

  • Hands-free claim generation and submission
  • Real-time validation
  • Minimal human intervention

"From the beginning, we needed a tool that could report globally across our entire base. That's where ImagineIntelligence stepped in and allowed us to build global reporting for management, while also providing us with client-level information."
— Joseph Gesser, Director of Technology Solutions, Pollux Systems, Inc. 

Revenue Cycle Management software for billing companies

Industry Experts in 3rd Party System Communication

Our Imagine Implementations Team has built a library of over 1400* interfaces with a variety of third-party sources over our 17+ years in business. Our experiences includes, but is not limited to: EHR, RIS, LIS, HIS, Clearinghouses, Statement Vendors, Collection Agencies, Accounting and Analytics systems. Leverage our team's experience to create the connectivity between YOUR preferred vendors or use our preferred partnerships, offering increased features and functionality to create your desired workflow.

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