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Capture every dollar you deserve with ImagineSoftware Revenue Cycle Management.

Your Partner in Medical billing Software
ImagineSoftware provides the very best training, tools, and customer service to give you more autonomy and efficiency.

  • Automated, hands-free claims processing
  • Interface engine covering more than 25 specialties
  • Client customization to create your desired workflow


Our software suite is perfect for medical billing companies of any size and over 25 specialties. Offering advanced software to cut costs, improve efficiency, and increase profits, ImagineSoftware is your partner in revenue cycle management.
Delivering comprehensive medical billing company software and services to fit your clients’ needs, with all the tools you need to make billing, collections, and practice management more intuitive and productive. Learn More about Imagine's Medical Billing Software for Billing Companies.

"It's a partnership that can't be beat."

  • Next Generation Technology — We’re committed to innovate development, that’s why we created medical billing artificial intelligence and coverage discovery tools to give you more efficiency and your clients happier patients.
  • Customer Service — Our clients are like family. That's why our Client Success Team's fundamental core value is fostering those relationships and providing exceptional service in everything we do.
  • Full Automation — From claim creation to reporting, ImagineSoftware automates the entire revenue cycle to increase your efficiency and allow your clients to spend more time focusing on their patients.
  • Cost-Effective — Reduce administrative costs, increase collections, and process clean claims the first time.
  • We're with you! — Our team works with you side by side to provide software that expands to accommodate your changing needs.


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Every practice is unique, and medical billing can be complicated. That's why we created a suite of revenue cycle management solutions to meet the needs of over 46,000 physicians nation-wide.

Medical Billing Software for billing companies

As the industry's first intelligent, multi-platform billing management software system, ImagineBilling™ practice management software improves cash flow, simplifies processes and provides real-time productivity monitoring to help your clients achieve peak billing performance and measurable RCM results. More...

  • Automates the billing process
  • Reporting and dashboard capabilities
  • Scrubbed claims and denials
  • Insurance, denial and patient ticklers


Take action on your billing and operational data with ImagineIntelligence to visualize and analyze your KPIs in clear graphs and dynamic tables. Automate your reporting tasks and use the extra time to optimize your operations. Slice and dice data in any way you can imagine to get all those answers you are craving. Now, make well-founded decisions based on facts. More...

  • Real-time forecasting and analytics
  • Ability to visualize your business under one dashboard
  • Make more informed decisions that will improve patient, service and billing outcomes

"Many factors that are important to my business – level of complexity for each surgical case, how the pathologists are dividing their work, maximum allowable rates for insurance companies, and my collection trends – can be viewed at the click of a button."
— Dr. Kevin Homer, Pathologist, Texas Health Huguley Hospital

Intelligent Business Analytics software for billing companies
Medical Billing Software for billing companies

Patients can pay their medical bills easier than ever while clients are paid faster and more frequently with ImaginePay. Patients pay their medical bills easily and securely from anywhere the internet is available. More...

  • FAST — Designed with time-of-service in mind, ImaginePay makes payment transactions easy and convenient for both provider and patient.
  • SIMPLE — Patients pay their medical bills in 5 simple steps: Providing basic information to retrieve a provider balance, selecting the amount they wish to pay, how they would like to pay, entering their billing address, and reviewing their selections to confirm payments details. That's it!
  • SECURE — ImaginePay is a HIPAA and PCI-certified compliant platform; meaning that your patients' personal and payment method information are kept securely on file.


Taking revenue cycle management to the next level, ImagineAppliance® automates charge capture and file transfer, allowing for quicker and more accurate submission of claims. With flexible set-up, easy-to-use navigation and detailed logging of each action performed, eliminate time-consuming manual claim submission on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on your business’s needs. More...

  • Hands-free claim generation and submission
  • Real-time validation
  • Minimal human intervention


Revenue Cycle Management software for billing companies

Industry Experts in 3rd Party System Communication

Our Imagine Implementations Team has built a library of over 1400* interfaces with a variety of third-party sources over our 17+ years in business. Our experiences includes, but is not limited to: EHR, RIS, LIS, HIS, Clearinghouses, Statement Vendors, Collection Agencies, Accounting and Analytics systems. Leverage our team's experience to create the connectivity between YOUR preferred vendors or use our preferred partnerships, offering increased features and functionality to create your desired workflow.

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"Customer service is outstanding. I've seen a lot of systems and this one is the most trainable. It's a smooth system. You don't need four to six weeks to train staff. I truly feel that all the information you need is at your fingertips."

— Ed Wolff, Director of IT and Business Processes, McHenry Radiologists