Automated Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Solutions

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What is RCM Automation?

RCM automation uses machine learning and natural language processing to reduce the time spent between labor-intensive tasks like demographic verification, collections and reporting while simplifying revenue cycle management solutions. Imagine more first pass acceptance on claims, better staff efficiency, and collecting patient payments within 3-7 days.

Other benefits include a reduction in errors that create denied claims, incorrect CPT modifiers, and inaccurate patient information. We focus on automating your billing operations, so you can focus more time on serving your patients.

Automated Revenue Cycle Management

Sources of efficiency in the healthcare revenue cycle

revenue cycle management solutions

Reporting & Analytics

See the big picture with business intelligence and roll-up reporting that helps you make data-driven decisions for improved financial performance.
revenue cycle management solutions

Go Completely Paperless

Replace manual workflows with electronic remittance, claim files, and patient statements for better staff efficiency.
RCM company

Accurate Demographics

Verify and correct patient demographics. Customize post-visit statements based on a patient’s ability to pay with our artificial intelligence tool.
RCM medical billing

Better Patient Payment Experience

Our patient payment solutions provide convenience and affordability for patients while automating time-of-service and statement payments.
RCM process

More Clean Claims

Accelerate your collections with tools designed to correct errors like duplicate billing, incorrect CPT modifiers, and inaccurate patient information.
RCM workflow

Maximize Staff Productivity

Support your staff’s entire workflow with the training, tools, and support they need to reduce their administrative duties and increase revenue.

Client Success Stories

Evansville Radiology

"We get our money so fast now."
— Vickie Chamberlain, Billing Systems Manager

Pollux Systems Inc

"Pollux has always been a company about partnerships and that’s what we found in Imagine."
— Joseph Gesser, Director of Technology Solutions

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