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Truly hands-free claims generation and submission

From pre-visit demographic verification to collections and reporting, we simplify the revenue cycle by automating laborious manual processes. Imagine more first pass acceptance on claims, better staff efficiency, and collecting patient payments within 3-7 days.

  • Automated medical billing - replace manual workflows with electronic remittance, claim files, and patient payments methods for better staff efficiency
  • Maximize productivity - support your staff's entire workflow to reduce their administrative duties and increase revenue
  • Powerful automation for every specialty - from small independent practices to clients with over 300 locations, we provide the tools and resources you need to start being paid fairly for your services
  • Accelerate your collections performance - designed to save staff time by correcting errors that create denied claims like duplicate billing, incorrect CPT modifiers, and inaccurate patient information
  • Claim scrubbing - improve coding accuracy and remove manual workflows with advanced auto-coding assistance and built in claim scrubbers

ImagineBillingTM medical billing software, ImagineAppliance® automation software, and ImagineIntelligenceTM forecasting and analytics software meets the needs of hopsitals, medical practices, and billing companies by reducing the lifecycle of claims and increase profitability.


Emergency Medicine Billing Software Demo

Revenue cycle solutions + robust ED-specific reports 

Spend less time on manual administrative tasks and more time caring for your patients. Our tools support your emergency room billing by streamlining revenue cycle workflows, checking for CPT-specific eligibility, and increasing your bottom line.

  • 200+ reports to track KPIs, gain a bird's eye view of your financials and make better decisions
  • Configurable tickler worklists and applied rules engine eliminates duplicate accounts and generates cleaner claims the first time
  • Business intelligence and analytics to help you understand your EM revenue cycle like never before
  • Increase cash flow by giving patients an affordable way to pay for medical bills online

ImaginePayTM online payment portal, HonoreCare® budgeting options, and ImagineAITM revenue cycle AI integrate with automated billing software to help scale the financial operations of your hospital-based, mobile ER, and freestanding emergency departments into a more profitable practice.

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  • ImagineBilling

    Automated medical billing software streamlines billing and patient collections

    Medical Billing Software A medical billing manager software meeting the needs of over 46,000 physicians across the country for improving collections, simplifying billing processes, and providing unprecedented productivity monitoring. Our industry standard medical billing software allows you to automate and configure your RCM billing workflow to boost reimbursements and staff efficiency.

    Meeting the needs of hospitals, medical practices, and billing companies, ImagineBilling™ reduces the lifecycle of claims and streamlines denial management to increase practice profitability. Configurable screens, easy-to-use navigation, and intuitive reporting all work to increase staff productivity and automate revenue cycle management.
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    "Imagine solved a $7 million problem for us. I don’t have statements going out mindlessly to patients when they shouldn't be. It's not just about cost-savings, it's incredibly efficient.""

    — Rodney Leggett, Business Manager, Physician Billing Solutions of Central Illinois, Inc.

  • MedFM

    Web Based Medical Practice Management Software Boosts Productivity and Reduces Costs

    web based medical software ImagineMedFM™ is a comprehensive medical management software solution for medical billing and practice management services. ImagineMedFM™ delivers unsurpassed flexibility and user productivity in a dependable, user-friendly system. Learn about our online medical billing software systems.

    Flexible Deployment Options Based on Your Management Needs

    MedFM has the dual ability to be used as an in-house solution or can be available on-demand at a low monthly subscription fee – hosted in the cloud – allowing you flexibility in the management of your practice.

    From high volume workflow to constricted claim follow-up processes, MedFM meets the online medical billing and practice management software needs of over 15,000 physicians across the U.S.


    "With MedFM, we found a way to automate and get rid of all manual billing processes."

    Say hello to paperless billing!

    • Electronic remittances
    • Batch eligibility
    • Claims tracking
    • Trend reporting

    Watch HealthPro Medical Billing’s Results since 1999


    Security is your most valuable asset

    MedFM uses the most advanced security technology to protect your data.

    MedFM's VPN solution provides a tunnel through the Internet from your operation to our data center. A VPN solution ensures privacy and security for your data with state-of-the-art features like 168-bit encryption & user authentication.

    MedFM uses cloud based hosting for the safety of your data

    • 24/7 security system: monitored video surveillance, on-site security guards, biometric hand-scan entry system, and a controlled entrance/exit
    • Environmental monitoring system to maintain humidity and temperature
    • Early warning fire protection system with FM200 gas-based suppression and double pre-action dry pipe sprinkler
    • Uninterruptible power supply and multiple generators
    • Redundant T1 Internet access