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Top 10 Healthcare Technology Trends 2020 White Paper

Changes in healthcare can be overwhelming to businesses and practices that do not stay on top of current trends or technology. As the sector evolves to be more patient friendly and intuitive, we need to look at what the forefront of technology is producing and how we can acclimate to include that technology in the modern healthcare facility.

Here are the Top 10 Trends we see on the healthcare technology horizon in 2020.

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Claims Clearinghouse Software Demo

In the new world of healthcare, how does a clearinghouse benefit your revenue cycle?

Spend less time chasing down medical claim payments or sifting through fragmented forms that put a drag on your bottom line. From the time of service through the final payment, Phicure is your complete healthcare communications solution. With Phicure, you can:

  • Reduce costs across your revenue cycle- connect directly with payers to cut out unnecessary third parties and avoid transaction fees
  • Stop going to different sites for different payers- our simple, easy to use cloud-based system offers access to over 3,000 payers in one streamlined interface
  • Eliminate redundant tasks and boost productivity- our system interfaces directly with any practice management or billing system
  • Get paid faster and easier- work proactively with patients to collect medical claim balances online with our revenue & payment tools
  • Keep your practice healthy- stay on top of your key performance and revenue indicators with our detailed tracking and analytics services. Take action based on the results to optimize your workflow and payment framework
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