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Selecting a Medical Practice Management System

Imagine Software Helping Manage Medical Billing PracticesSwitching practice management systems can be an extremely difficult decision. Choosing which medical software to implement, learning a variety of new medical billing processes, and trying to make everyone happy about the change are just a few of the challenges organizations can encounter. More often than not, an upgrade in technology will pay off in the long run, but getting through the process itself can be, well, a process. Here are some helpful steps to get you started when searching for a new medical practice management system -

1. Establish a team who can assess your medical practice needs

2. Evaluate the entire patient and claims revenue cycle

3. Determine essential software features and functionality

4. Identify software vendors to consider

5. Request a formal proposal and schedule system demonstrations



Is Your Software Still a Solution? Why It May Be Time to Rethink Your Practice Management Software

Billing for your medical practice will ALWAYS be a crucial part of your business. Gone are the days of answering questions with, “that’s just the way it has always been,” or “that’s just the way we’ve always done it.”

With advances in technology and continually changing healthcare regulations, your practice management software should evolve with your practice to automate your daily tasks and help your staff achieve optimal efficiency. If you find that this is not the case, your software provider and your practice may risk getting left behind in the healthcare dust…

Here are 5 signs, in no particular order, that it may be time to start vetting a new practice management software platform:

1. Support. Regardless of how “good” your software may be, reaching their support team is critical. When you call, you should always get a LIVE human being. Breathing is a good start, but they should also be a skilled communicator with a deep knowledge of the products you’re using and your practice. No software will be perfect 100% of the time, but if there is a continuous issue with the ability to reach support – OR an exorbitant cost to utilize the support team, it may be time to begin the search.

2. Compliance. The medical billing industry is more dynamic than ever. Updates mandated by new regulations at both State and Federal levels should be the responsibility of the vendor – they are, after all, being paid to provide a platform that allows YOU to do your job. The ability to provide physicians with reporting required for PQRS qualification, Meaningful Use attestation, and smooth transition tools for ICD-10 are just a few of the new features and functionality your vendor should be proactively (and happily) delivering.

3. Renewal or Upgrade Costs. Feeling resentful over annual renewal costs, upgrade costs or mandatory hardware updates to handle said “upgrades” is more than enough reason for an owner or group president to seek an alternative solution. Your practice management software provider should be transparent with pricing and understand that hidden fees and frequent mandatory upgrade costs are the wrong way to increase revenue—it’s the way to lose good clients. If your practice is facing a costly fee for an upgrade or renewal, shop around – you may be surprised to find that the cost of implementing a shiny new platform is less than or near the same expense of maintaining or upgrading your current software.

4. Scalability. If new regulations are not dominating healthcare news, then mergers and acquisition announcements are hot off the presses. Large groups and / or billing companies are consolidating into even larger entities. Your once one-location, one tax-id group now has multiple locations, multiple legal entities and even more NPIs. Properly supporting and reporting on the new entity is sufficient motivation to begin reviewing your current platform and assessing alternatives. It may be time to move to a software provider with the scalability to handle the highest billing volumes and most complex billing rules.

5. The Intangible. How you do feel about your platform? Right, wrong or indifferent the instinct to change may be personal in nature or stem from past trust issues with unmet deliverables, drama or maybe you’re just tired of looking at that green screen!

Selecting the right practice management software is not a process that should be taken lightly; give it the time investment and attention of which it is worthy. But know that there comes a point at which the cost to your practice not changing software will exceed the perceived pain and cost of actual change.

Contact us or schedule a demo to learn more about Imagine’s unique support team, transparent pricing, and the steps we take to maintain our 100% client retention rate.

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