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What Really Happened at the RBMA 2015 Radiology Summit in Vegas?

Imagine’s motto is, “What happens in Vegas… should be shared!”

With the RBMA 2015 Radiology Summit officially concluded and the Imagine team all safely back home, let’s take a look at a few highlights from this year.

Overall, the conference proved to be an excellent opportunity for radiology business management professionals to network with one another and connect with vendors in the industry. Our team had a great time (not hard to do in Vegas!) meeting with radiology clients, partners and prospects and a chance to show off the latest and greatest from our entire product family.

Imagine Software RBMA Booth
Photo Credit - RBMA Radiology Summit  

With three full days of roundtables, discussion panels and sessions, the extensive learning opportunities available at the RBMA Summit attracted numerous attendees to take advantage of hearing knowledgeable speakers cover a wide-range of industry hot topics, like:

What sounds like a medieval punishment for crimes against the King, is simply a payment arrangement for health care service providers. In a capitated payment system, physicians or physician groups are paid a set amount of money per patient for a specified period of time, regardless of whether or not that patient receives care. Attendees discussed the different types of capitation arrangements and the potential the payment system may have to control mounting healthcare costs.

2015 RBMA Summit

The Patient

As radiology practices and providers continue to rely more on patients for revenue, discussion surrounding increased patient care quality, retention rates, and the need for new, flexible patient payment options are on the rise. Many have already focused on a variety of patient-centered strategies to help capture these payments, including HonorCare® and ImagineiPay.

Big Data
Popular sessions such as “What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?” and “Analytics and Informatics Roundtable: What’s Required for High Performing Practices?” all supported radiology business managers in finding ways to utilize big data to improve medical practices and control costs, including applying tools like ImagineIntelligence  that allow for more meaningful data analysis.

Industry Changes
While it’s clear that issues like ICD-10 and PQRS are still concerns for many practices, attendees were more comfortable sharing their current plans for the upcoming transition now that things are scheduled to move forward without further delays. Many have coordinated intense efforts to prepare their staff for these new regulations and are in the process of testing and tracking results. Of course, as the official deadline looms ahead, the full impact of these and other government mandates continue to be open topics of speculation. One thing is certain – industry changes are definitely in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Imagine Booth RBMA
Photo Credit - RBMA Radiology Summit  


Of course, we have to add ourselves to the list of buzzed about topics at this year’s RBMA Summit! Imagine was one of the most popular exhibits at the show, highlighting our new Imagine Financial Suite, which includes ImagineiPay™ for online patient payments, and our interest free patient payment plan, HonorCare®.

In keeping with previous RBMA conferences, our flagship solution, ImagineBilling was the most demoed product in our product line; however, ImagineIntelligence was high on the list as well, offering personalized reporting capabilities and data-rich analytics in a comprehensive business intelligence tool. Both impressed users with their features and performance.

We were also a big hit on the conference app, with posts and comments about our complimentary booth massages, Amazon gift card giveaways, and legendary client appreciation dinner on Monday evening. Held at the Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas, Imagine hosted a record number of clients and partners for a fun night of authentic German food, beer, and music!

2015 RBMA Imagine Client Dinner

To conclude, the Summit proved to be full of helpful tools and networking opportunities for both attendees and sponsors alike.  It’s great to be a valued member of such a unique organization dedicated to the mutual success of all those involved in the business of radiology practice management.  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to join RBMA and head out to Austin, TX this September 27-29th for the Fall Educational Conference.  The Imagine Team will see you there!

Imagine Team at 2015 Spring RBMA
Photo Credit - RBMA Radiology Summit  


Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

ImagineAppliance™ takes medical billing to the next level with hands-free automation of many billing activities, eliminating routine and time-consuming manual work on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your business needs.

Designed to automate the billing and revenue cycle management processes such that little to no human intervention is needed for a vast majority of the billing workflow, the ImagineAppliance™ provides flexible set-up, easy-to-use navigation, and detailed logging of each action performed.

Let The ImagineAppliance™ Work For You To Reduce The Claim Lifecycle

Just as user-friendly as it is efficient, utilize the ImagineAppliance™ to automate general file transfer and management functions of your billing enterprise through automated timers and natural language processing, decreasing the overall human steps necessary in the billing process, including the acquisition of demographics and charges, coding of charges, checking against payer rules, and submitting for payment.


Radiology Scheduling and Workflow

Radiology Scheduling and Workflow

ImagineRIS™ is a fully integrated, open architecture, radiology information and scheduling system that provides a flexible modality-based, worklist driven solution while offering the same time-tested technological backbone designed by the Imagine team. Whether you are providing service at a single site or have complex, multi-site, multi-modality requirements, ImagineRIS™ can assist with your workflow management.

Facilitate Superior Service From The Very First Appointment

Flexible, efficient, and intuitive, ImagineRIS™ utilizes advanced automation tools, ranging from smart imaging technology to system integration, to help reduce errors and improve patient care during the radiology administrative process.


Radcom Associates, Ltd. Selects ImagineSoftware as Medical Billing Provider

Charlotte, NC – Technology Partners, Inc. (dba ImagineSoftware), a leading provider of medical billing technology, announces that a new client, Radcom Associates, Ltd., has chosen the Imagineradiology™ practice management suite for its billing and collection needs.

A multi-specialty, multi-state medical billing company based outside of Pittsburgh, Radcom provides services to more than 70 physicians who bill over 850,000 procedures annually. After careful consideration of other solutions within the marketplace, Radcom selected Imagine as the new centerpiece of its billing operation due to the need for an all-encompassing practice management system that could provide seamless integration capabilities with existing client services.


Practice Monitoring App

Mobile-Friendly Revenue Cycle Analytics

Monitor your practice’s performance ImagineAnywhere™ revenue cycle analytics! This dashboard for physicians and administrators works in conjunction with the ImagineBilling practice management system and displays up-to-date practice performance metrics with available user customizations. The application can be configured to provide data including charges and payments (posted by day, month or year), A/R, net collections, gross collections and other system data requested by the user.

ImagineAnywhere™ is compatible with any Apple device with OS2.0 or later. The application will sync via Wi-Fi or the user’s cellular network and downloads the latest metrics from their ImagineBilling account directly to the device. ImagineAnywhere™ provides timely data for users on the go, allowing them to view vital performance metrics at any time.


ImagineSoftware Ranks on the 2013 Inc. 500|5000 of Fastest Growing Companies

ImagineSoftware Ranks on the 2013 Inc. 500|5000 of Fastest Growing Companies

CHARLOTTE, NC – Inc. Magazine has recognized ImagineSoftware on its seventh annual Inc. 500|5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies. The list represents a comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy—America's independent entrepreneurs. Imagine joins an elite list of organizations, including LivingSocial, Edible Arrangements, CDW and Lifelock, among other prominent brands featured on this year's Inc. 500|5000.


ImagineSoftware Announces New Imagine 10th Anniversary Edition

Charlotte, NC – Technology Partners, Inc. (dba ImagineSoftware), a leading provider of medical billing technology, announces the latest edition of its flagship product, Imagine 10™, in honor of the company’s 10-year anniversary.

In preparation for the full release of Imagine 10™, the industry’s first intelligent multi-platform channeling practice management system, specific user-driven functions have been implemented to include new templates, filters, builds, and drill downs for reporting, ticklers, and dashboards, as well as enhanced VoIP capabilities, advanced product integration features, and exclusive utilities to aid users with auditing, PECOS, and ICD-10. Additionally, custom configurations have been added to increase existing “hands-free” billing automation capabilities within the Imagineappliance™, boosting efficiency and reducing costs.


Imagine Practice Management Software

ImagineSoftware's Practice Management Software improves practice cash flow, streamlines the billing processes and provides real-time practice KPI's. Our advanced billing software leverages your staff capabilities for a true “new generation billing" effort. Designed to further enhance the advantages of ImagineRadiology®Imagine's Practice Manager meets the needs of medical practices and billing companies by improving practical applications within the billing / collections system, including easy to use GUI, grouping of like-information and class together, automatic adjustment of screen size and resolution, and recent account retrieval of patient and practice information.

ImagineMedical Practice Manager is the industry's first intelligent multi-platform channeling practice management system. The core module of IMAGINEradiology®, Practice Manager, offers integrated radioloy billing features including: automated denials, radiology workflow, medical billing charge central, HIPAA audit trails, document management & archiving, denial mitigation, flex reporting and more.

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records

Move from paper patient charting to a more user-friendly electronic format with ImagineSoftware's unique Electronic Health Records component. A comprehensive, ONC — ATCB Certified EHR by CCHIT with an open architecture that is completely customizable in both content and workflow, it is also easy to learn and use both from a provider level and a user level, providing demographics, medical history, lab results, and personal statistics across multiple facilities.

Helping to improve care and optimize clinical processes by offering the highest level of integration, our certified electronic health records solution gathers information automatically from both Imagine’s billing suite and the scheduling system being used.

Support Quality Goals And Meet MIPS Reporting Requirements

Under MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System), participating practices will be scored on the Advancing Care Information Performance Category which requires reporting on EHR use-related measures including security risk analysis, e-prescribing, providing patient access, sending summary of care, and requesting/accepting summary of care. CMS will also award a bonus score for practices that utilize certified electronic health record technology in their improvement activities!


Document Imaging

Document Imaging

ImagineSoftware incorporates powerful document imaging components for a truly paperless environment and keyless data entry with ImagineTrueICE™.

ImagineTrueICE™ is a centralized repository for storing and retrieving all clinical information, allowing you to capture any document such as patient charts, physician notes, EOBs, and deposit tickets, while simultaneously indexing the records automatically and making them available for immediate retrieval throughout the billing workflow process without the expense of high-priced storage.

Powerful Document Imaging And Robust Electronic Storage For All Your Data

Help eliminate the paper chase and increase productivity with instant image retrieval, while also streamlining disaster recovery efforts. User flexibility and smart document imaging technology combine to store all your documents in one easily searchable archive at the push of a button.


Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence Software

ImagineIntelligence™ is a comprehensive data-mining and analytics system. It features cube-driven reporting, web and mobile publishing and direct email integration. Multiple disparate data sources can be integrated into the application to allow for true enterprise reporting.

Make informed decisions with true insight into your organization's financial health

With ImagineIntelligence™, you have a full BI and analytics solution that will help your business improve patient, service, and billing outcomes. With roll-up reporting and constant system monitoring, evaluate key performance indicators to predict future trends based on revenue and billing costs.


5 Tips for Conference Prospecting

5 Tips for Conference Prospecting

Imagine is currently used to bill over 26 different specialties and as a result, we can be found at over 15 conferences eachImagineSoftware | Trade Shows calendar year. I have had the pleasure of attending mainly Radiology, Pathology, Emergency Medicine and Billing Company centric conferences throughout the years; here are some my tips for making the most out of conference prospecting. 

1. Know Yourself. That is to say, know your product and who the decision maker is for your product or service.  If the decision maker is Dr. Provider, focus on conferences that cater and attract the Providers specifically, if it is Administrators you seek you may find yourself elsewhere.  It seems simple, but often an overlooked detail – the audience.  

2. Do Your Research.  Once you have found a conference targeted to your audience, do your due diligence and know their business.  Not personally, but professionally – leave the stalking to some other sales representative – have a firm understanding of the challenges they are facing as well as how best to position yourself or your service / product as a resource for them.   

3. Make it Personal.  If provided with a pre-show list, make the effort to invite your most desired prospects to your booth.  Get creative or just send them a HAND WRITTEN invitation to you booth.  Yes, I said “hand written.”  In this email and text driven age, the response that I receive from hand written notes and invitations is tremendous.  Do something PRIOR to the conference to stand out and encourage your prospects to visit with you.

4. Stand and SMILE! Again, I know it seems simple, but I cannot tell you the number of times I walk through an exhibit hall only to see two people sitting behind a barricade, a.k.a. their table checking email or some other meaningless task on their phone / computer.  Be present in the moment, make eye contact and smile.  Your next prospect is likely just one warm, encouraging smile or “good morning” away.  You’re allowed to smile and laugh – engage your (target) audience and have fun doing it – that is the most attractive booth element I have ever witnessed.

5. Greet Your Neighbours.
Often times other Exhibitors can be prospects and / or a resource for your company.  Speaking with as many people as possible is the goal for all conferences.  Strike up a conversation and determine if there is any business opportunity.

And finally, on a more personal note: Get the carpet padding.  Exhibit hall hours are not only long and hard on your legs, but remember, your prospects are walking around too!  It may seem silly, but I have even used the padding under our booth carpet as an invitation to seemingly uninterested passers-by to strike up a conversation.

Here’s a list of the conferences that Imagine attended in 2015:  ACEP, RBMA, TRS/TX, New England, CA and Northeast RBMA, HBMA, EDPMA, NCARBM, CA Radiology Society, American College of Radiology, NC Collegof Emergency Physicians, and Essentials of Emergency Medicine.

If you have any questions or would like feedback about any one of these conferences, please do not hesitate to contactCourtneyme directly.   Additionally, if there are any conferences that you have found to be particularly beneficial, I too would be interested in hearing from you.

  • Medical Practice Management System
    Medical Practice Management System


    Medical Practice Management System

    ImagineBilling™ Practice Management Software improves cash flow, simplifies processes and provides unprecedented, real-time productivity monitoring by streamlining the billing/collections workflow to help clients achieve peak performance and measurable results.


    Meeting the needs of hospitals, medical practices, and billing companies across the country, the Imagine system enhances everyday applications within the billing process, reducing the lifecycle of claims to increase practice profitability. Easy-to-use navigation, grouping of like information and class together, automatic adjustment of screen size and resolution, and recent account retrieval all work to leverage staff capabilities for building efficiency and adding value while applying high quality standards to data integrity.

  • MedFM

    Boost Productivity
    and Reduce Costs

    ImagineMedFM™ is a comprehensive medical management software solution for medical billing and practice management services. MedFM delivers unsurpassed flexibility and user productivity in a dependable, user-friendly system.

    Flexible Deployment Options Based on Your Management Needs

    MedFM has the dual ability to be used as an in-house solution or can be available on-demand at a low monthly subscription fee – hosted in the cloud – allowing you flexibility in the management of your practice.