ImagineSoftware Introduces ImagineConduit for ICD-9/ICD-10 Transition

CHARLOTTE, NC – ImagineSoftware, a leading provider of medical billing solutions, introduces Imagine Conduit, a new standalone application to assist with the ICD-9/ICD-10 transition. Designed to help prepare users for the scheduled October 1, 2014 switch to ICD-10 diagnosis codes, Imagine Conduit provides a crosswalk for converting electronic 837 claim files that utilize current ICD-9 codes to 837 claim files that utilize new ICD-10 codes. 


ICD-10 - Are You Ready?

If you're wondering what the world will look like with the full implementation of ICD-10, it might be something like the following:

Yours truly was in a car accident. Fortunately, it was not fatal, but it did leave me with some injuries. My physician sends me to my favorite radiology group imaging center for an MRI. I am well cared for and the mandatory social media customer satisfaction survey process allowed me to confirm so. When billing for my services, the practice is denied because sufficient information is not provided by my referring physician to the radiology group and I, as the patient, did not know the importance. Specifically, the radiology group was not informed that I was a passenger (versus the driver) and the vehicle had three wheels (verses four).

This is a fictitious, future example for what could be in store for us.

This month, the 1500 was revised to accommodate the new ICD-10. Field 21 will allow the practice to communicate if it is using ICD-9 or ICD-10 diagnosis coding. Additionally, the allowed number of diagnosis will grow from the current four (4) to twelve (12). A screenshot is provided below:


Also, there are changes to identify the role of the provider reported in Item Number 17 (Referring = DN, Ordering = DK, or Supervising Provider = DQ (in that order)).

When filling in this field it is recommended that you do not use periods or commas. The field allows for 26 characters. A hyphen can be used for hyphenated names. See the screenshot below:


I am pleased to let you know that not only is IMAGINE aware of this change, but is in the process of updating software to accommodate this expansion and help make the transition to ICD-10 an easier and more managable reality for all IMAGINE clients.

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