Revenue Cycle Management

The ImagineAppliance™ takes medical billing to the next level with hands-free automation of many billing activities, eliminating routine and time-consuming manual work on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your business needs.


Electronic Health Records

Move from paper patient charting to a more user-friendly electronic format with Imagine's unique EHR component, ImagineEHR.  A comprehensive, ONC – ATCB Certified EHR by CCHIT with an open architecture that is completely customizable in both content and workflow, it is also easy to learn and use both from a provider level and a user level, providing demographics, medical history, lab results, and personal statistics across multiple facitlites. 


Document Imaging

ImagineTrueIce is a centralized repository for storing and retrieving all clinical information, allowing you to capture any document such as patient charts, physician notes, EOB’s, and deposit tickets, while simultaneously indexing the records automatically and making them available for immediate retrieval throughout the billing workflow without the expense of high-priced storage.


Business Intelligence Software

ImagineIntelligence is a true enterprise level business analytics solution that allows you to monitor the health of your business by centralizing data and creating interactive reports, allowing you to visualize your business under one dashboard.

  • MedFM

    MedFM is a comprehensive medical management software solution for medical billing and practice management services. MedFM delivers unsurpassed flexibility and user productivity in a dependable, user-friendly system.