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Why I'm Not Looking for a Job - 3 Tips for Great Company Culture

As an employee of this extremely dynamic workplace with a culture that is unlike others, I’ve experienced first-hand the importance of being a part of a company where the culture is distinctively intentional. When first starting with ImagineSoftware, I could immediately tell something was very unique from anything I’d been a part of. Aside from mistaking the Vice President for the IT guy setting up my computer, my first day went abnormally awesome. From the very beginning, I knew I was a part of something amazing, and it was apparent that the employees seemed genuinely happy to be at work. 

More than ever, culture has become a clear reason people stay and succeed within a company. So what is a company culture and why is it so important? According to Glassdoor, an online transparent career community where employees can submit company reviews, “Company culture is one of the top five most important factors job seekers consider before accepting a new job”. Creating a culture that enables employees to stay, succeed and thrive isn’t something that happens overnight nor by chance. It is intentional. A company’s culture is your company’s personality, beliefs, and values.

ImagineSoftware’s CEO stated at the 2014 company-wide Vision Day that from the start of the company, he was intentional about the culture he wanted to create. “We’ve always had an environment which rewards employees for being innovative, and our core values are the center of what we are about,” explained Sam Khashman, CEO of ImagineSoftware. 

3 Tips for Great Company Culture

1. Create a Culture of Togetherness: Everyone is a part of the same team, despite their title.
Being at Imagine is like a family, and despite ones title, we are all on the same team. Because culture is vital and our people matter greatly, each new hire goes through a vetting process where at the end of their trial, each employee casts a vote on whether the person fits with our culture. People stay with cultures they like, and it’s important to understand that having the right people means sometimes not everyone is the perfect fit.

Something else that sets us apart is that our CEO is extremely accessible and is intricately involved with the company’s employees. He’s the type of guy you’d want to go have a beer with, and our staff wants to work for him because they understand he truly cares about their success and happiness. On one of my first days at the company, he guided me throughout the office and introduced me to every employee in the office, desk by desk. At times, he’s pulled up a chair by my cube to ask me how things were going and what he can do to help me succeed.

We also have unique programs and events to connect with one another, creating unforgettable experiences throughout the year. Quarterly philanthropic events provide employees with an opportunity to give back to the community, and the company sponsored 5K program promotes a culture of wellness. A night out, enjoying box seats with your co-workers at a baseball game far surpasses the typical happy-hour, and the company frequently sponsors events for employees outside of the normal work environment. On employee appreciation day, employees are treated to breakfast served desk side by the executive team- a great reminder that we are appreciated. All of these events and many more help to create a culture of communication and a fun way for employees to build relationships.

2. Have a Dynamic Work Space: Create a space that shows employees they are valued.
During lunch, our break room is packed with employees lining up to fill their plates with the catered lunch that is paid for by the company. This is a 3 day/week occurrence and not only does it offer employees a way to save money on food while building comradery with others, it encourages employees to stay in the office, making it a benefit to both the company and the employees. At our lunch table you will regularly hear laughing, joking, and talks about getting together that weekend.

Our break room is nothing shy of awesome. Creativity is encouraged with a whiteboard, for random jokes, notes of encouragement, and art that is usually associated with some inside joke. Coffee is most definitely a priority and it’s evident with our super fancy coffee machine. Employees pick between a number of different choices including a cappuccino, expresso, and latte with fresh ground beans, delivering a treat that even the best of baristas would be proud of. We also have an Xbox in the break room! As you may be aware, being a technology company, we have quite a few computer geeks and gamers in the office. I’m saying this with the greatest respect for them. Our “geeks” are some of the smartest people on this planet, and in-between creating some of the most innovative software solutions, on occasion; they need a place to unwind their brain. I’ve even seen them past 6pm on a Friday night in the break room in deep competition.

3. Have Core Values: Culture Starts with Core values & is the Forefront of Everything You Do.
Our core values aren’t just a flashy wall display or a page on our website to drive sales; they are integrated in our culture. They are what we emulate daily, the measuring stick to our outcomes, and how we thrive as a unit. Our core values help us run as a well-oiled machine and each employee understands that we live and breathe these values.

ImagineSoftware’s Core Values:
Innovation - Embrace and drive the future.
Motivation - Inspire others to achieve greatness, and act with a sense of urgency.
Accountability - Take ownership of our actions, match behaviors to our words.
Genuine - Be truthful to ourselves and others in both words and actions.
Integrity - Be ethically unyielding and honest.
No-Excuses Attitude - Keep our focus on the solution, not the limitations.
Excellence - Consistently exceed the expectations of our customers with outstanding products and services.

While there are many things that can affect the culture of your company, these are ones that are a primary influence in the culture at ImagineSoftware. It’s never too late to start being intentional with your culture and how you engage your employees can determine how well they strive and thrive in your workplace.    

For info on how you can join the ImagineTeam, visit our careers page: http://www.imagineteam.com/careers-at-imagine  

Sources: http://www.glassdoor.com/blog/glassdoors-top-25-companies-culture-values-2014/


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