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Services of the IMAGINE Team


The IMAGINE Team provides superior integration and support services, delivering a consistent quality. You will be confident in our reliable customer support team trained in the high standards of IMAGINE products.

Understanding Client Needs

We accurately identify and understand your needs. This knowledge enables us to properly plan your integration, deliver superior results, and accelerate your business.


Providing Service Excellence

All IMAGINE Team members are product trained and certified and understand the medical billing industry. Our team is focused, responsive and committed to meeting your individual needs and satisfaction.


Working Towards One Common Goal

The IMAGINE Team is dedicated to you throughout the entire implementation and support process. We have a project management team assigned to you, focused on our common goal of peak performance!

Imagine Team Services

  • Implementation
  • Onsite Support
  • Integration
  • Evaluations
  • Best Practices
  • Peak Performance
  • Turn Around

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