Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Reach and Engage Patients and Referring Physicians


IMAGINE Software Now Offering Marketing and Business Development Platform

The IMAGINE Business Development Platform creates measurable marketing programs that directly ties marketing activities to practice revenues. Users can gain clear market share visibility from a custom Geographic Information System (GIS) component that utilizes up-to-date demographic and socioeconomic information to find new referrers, patients, and partners. The module combines traditional and digital marketing tools, including social media connectivity and web-based components, in a hybrid-cloud environment, with detailed, automated follow-up and reporting, to deliver greater transparency in helping users understand, predict and act on each phase of the campaign process. Read the full Marketing Platform press release here.

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IMAGINE Key Features

Top features of IMAGINE:

1Life Time Accounts: for an efficient claim lifecycle.

2Business Intelligence: Adhoc reporting and monitoring.

3Workflow Automation:to dramatically improve productivity.


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