Saturday, November 29, 2014

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Supporting Dual ICD-9 and ICD-10 Capability


IMAGINE Practice Management Software Now Offering Dual ICD9 & ICD10 Code Capability

The IMAGINE system is now readily supporting a dual approach for new ICD-10 transactions in combination with current ICD-9 codes, providing the ability to use both code sets for the same procedure and deliver either diagnosis format to different payers depending on date of service requirements. This can be controlled in IMAGINE at either the Insurance Plan or Carrier level, and, in addition to allowing for the examination of qualified data between both code sets, encourages staff to be ICD-10 proficient while still preventing overlooked reimbursement opportunities. The duel coding model will also enable clients to not only meet the 2014 deadline, but experience a smoother ICD-10 transition in the process. Read the full ICD9 and ICD10 conversion press release here.

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IMAGINE Key Features

Top features of IMAGINE:

1Life Time Accounts: for an efficient claim lifecycle.

2Business Intelligence: Adhoc reporting and monitoring.

3Workflow Automation:to dramatically improve productivity.


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