Sunday, November 23, 2014

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IMAGINE EFX for Global Billing Performance

IMAGINE vEFX is the next version and 11th generation of the IMAGINE practice management suite.Practice Management software via web browser or tablets Developed on a completely interoperable framework, IMAGINE EFX allows the system to be expanded on its secure, privacy-centric and ubiquitous platform. EFX methods include browser-based, virtualized, native app, and enterprise presentation. All methods are designed for simultaneous, multi-user, multi-mode environments and performance, providing optimal experience and efficiency to IMAGINE users from a variety of locations in real-time, all with advanced quality, speed, and security.

IMAGINE EFX sets the standard as the platform for interoperability of big data and user experience in the medical billing industry.

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IMAGINE Key Features

Top features of IMAGINE:

1Life Time Accounts: for an efficient claim lifecycle.

2Business Intelligence: Adhoc reporting and monitoring.

3Workflow Automation:to dramatically improve productivity.


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