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We know everything you do in emergency medicine is time sensitive.

That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive and strategic approach to emergency medicine RCM. Spend more time caring for your patients and let us support your practice by streamlining workflows and increasing your bottom line.

One comprehensive billing and practice management solution for all unique facets of ED

Are you a freestanding ED?

We know you have specific reporting needs as a free-standing ED. Unlike other emergency medicine facilities, you must report on both facility and professional-billing.

Using ImagineSoftware, you can create UB claims and HCFA independently or together, depending on your unique needs.

Specialty reports such as...

  • Admit Level Percentage
  • CPT Frequency Distribution Percentage/Trending for APP and Physician
  • Critical Care Trend
  • Deficiency Summary
  • Heart Group Charge Report
  • Inpatient Trend by Location or Provider
  • Observation Care Trend

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Download our newest white paper on Decoding MACRA for Emergency Medicine! Including all the reporting tips and timelines you need to know to report and receive positive payment adjustments through MIPS.

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