Online Self-Pay Portal

infographic imaginepayThe ImagineSoftware, ImaginePay is designed to simplify the patient payment cycle – allowing you to process time-of-service payments and statement payments in one centralized location for all of your patients. Patients have ease of mind that they’re making their payments easily and securely. The process is simple, and can be done anywhere the internet is available.

Provider Balance - First we retrieve the provider balance using some basic information found on the billing statement. By entering the account number, provider, and patient date of birth, we are able to locate the account balance.

Payment Amount
- Now that we have located the balance, the patient is able to select the amount they wish to pay. They may choose to either pay the minimum expected payment or pay the total balance.

Payment Method – The patient selects their preferred payment method. For convenience, ImaginePay accepts all major credit cards and ACH debits.

Billing Address – Once the patient selects an amount to pay and how they would like to pay, they enter the billing address associated with the payment to verify the card holder information.

Confirm PaymentThat's it! The patient reviews their selection and confirms payment details.

ImaginePay | Online Self-Pay Portal

Benefits of ImaginePay™:

  • Simplifies payment process for both patients and providers
  • Time-of-service payments can be integrated with an EHR or scheduling system
  • Payment methods are kept securely on file, HIPAA compliant
  • Patient Portal allows patient account creation
  • Ability to update personal and insurance information
  • Automated budget plans
  • Cloud-based server, no webserver required
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