Take action on your billing and operational data with ImagineIntelligence™ to visualize and analyze your KPIs in clear graphs and dynamic tables.  Automate your reporting tasks and use the extra time to optimize your operations.  Slice and dice data in any way you can imagine to get all those answers you are craving.  Now, make well-founded decisions based on facts.

True Insight Into Practice Data For Reliable Monitoring And Forecasting  

With ImagineIntelligence™, you have a full BI & Analytics solution with dashboards, analyses, predictive analytics, and much more to keep your business on track.  Get notified instantly when changes occur and learn what possible outcomes those changes could have on current operations, while evaluating key performance indicators to predict future trends based on revenue and billing costs. 

Benefits of ImagineIntelligence™:

  • Seamless searching throughout numerous data fields with the Intelligent Wizard
  • Real-time notifications provide alerts without constant system monitoring
  • What-if simulations determine possible changes on a global or local scale
  • Dashboards and scorecards offer interactive drill-down capabilities for gauging performance
  • Total mobility for accessing information anytime, on the go or in the office
  • Unmatched ease-of-use in compiling self-service data points and ad-hoc analytics
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