Document Imaging

infographic trueiceImagineSoftware incorporates powerful document imaging components for a truly paperless environment and keyless data entry with ImagineTrueICE.

ImagineTrueICE™ is a centralized repository for storing and retrieving all clinical information, allowing you to capture any document such as patient charts, physician notes, EOB’s, and deposit tickets, while simultaneously indexing the records automatically and making them available for immediate retrieval throughout the billing workflow process without the expense of high-priced storage.

Powerful Document Imaging And Robust Electronic Storage For All Your Data

Help eliminate the paper chase and increase productivity with instant image retrieval, while also streamlining disaster recovery efforts.  User flexibility and smart document imaging technology combine to store all your documents in one easily searchable archive at the push of a button.

Document Imaging

Benefits of

  • Blank page detection automatically removes blank pages upon scan
  • Multiple image options allows images to be altered prior to processing
  • Updated security items for multiple database configurations
  • Image compression reduces files by up to 33% for increased storage
  • OCR imaging tool allows server to OCR images in mass batches
  • Advanced speed, responsiveness and accuracy when importing, scanning and processing
  • ImagineSoftware's Practice Management Software Suite are Windows® Based Applications
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