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Sam Khashman
- Chief Executive Officer

IMAGINE Software President/CEO and Founder, Sam, is the visionary who leads the team to excellence.


Martin Rissmann
- Chief Financial Officer

IMAGINE Software CFO, Martin, is responsible for all aspects of the company's financial and accounting processes.


Charles Kauffman
- Vice President of Software Engineering

IMAGINE Software VP of Software Engineering, Chuck, manages the company's engineering department, ensuring stability, innovation, and a common direction for products.


Frank Hayes
- Vice President of Sales

IMAGINE Software VP of Sales, Frank, develops and leads sales activities through direct sales management and channel development.

Emiliya Cvetanova

Emiliya Cvetanova
- Operations Manager

IMAGINE Software Operations Manager, Emiliya, implements business process, organizational planning and standard company operating policies and procedures.


Kyle Hart
- Vice President

IMAGINE Software Vice President, Kyle, manages all aspects of product implementations through developed methodology to ensure a successful go-live for all new customers.


Bethany Khashman
- Marketing Manager

IMAGINE Software Marketing Manager, Bethany, is the brains behind the brand, responsible for the great reputation of IMAGINE in the healthcare IT industry.


Ben Grauer
- Manager of Sustained Engineering

IMAGINE Software Manager of Sustained Engineering, Ben, keeps the development team on their toes with new ideas, looming deadlines, and the occasional queston or two.


Chris Fitzgerald - Customer Support Manager

IMAGINE Software CS Manager, Chris, ensures customer satisfaction through support maintenance, continuing education programs and on-going customer relations.

About TPI dba IMAGINE Software


Technology Partners, Inc. (dba) IMAGINE Software is a leading destination for the most powerful workflow solutions and enterprise systems for the healthcare and life sciences sector. For 11 years, TechnologyTPI-Logo-black Partners, Inc. has been providing cutting edge technology to medical billing offices, practices and hospitals to help improve efficiency and build value. By designing integrated systems and workflow solutions that support vital business functions, TPI has the gathered the expertise and methodologies that help organizations achieve peak performance and productivity while reducing the man power traditionally necessary for similar results.

sam khashman

Executive Team

Sam Khashman
President and CEO

Martin Rissmann
Chief Financial Officer

Kyle Hart
Vice President

Charles Kauffman
VP of Development

Frank Hayes
VP of Sales

Board of Directors

Michael Hershman
Chairman of the Board

Stan Anderson
Board Member

Greg Lebedev
Board Member

Sam Khashman
Board Member

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