Thursday, November 27, 2014

Client Testimonials

Imaging Management Professionals

“Roughly 40% of our charges are processed from dictation through payment posting automatically without human intervention using the IMAGINEappliance™ and our internal application RadEx Coder TM.”

“The Appliance from IMAGINE is a truly unique product that has revolutionized the way we and our clients interact with the billing system. Instead of spending countless hours kicking off processes or importing, exporting and transmitting data from numerous sources and destinations, our and our client’s staff can instead focus on exceptions management and collections. We would be at a loss without it.”

Blue Ridge Radiology

“The Appliance allows our practice to consistently bill, regardless of holidays/days off, etc. It has automated our billing of claims and statements, automated our collection agency submittals and the downloading and parsing of our 835 remittances, saving staff 6-8 hrs/week on that alone!!! It is a very efficient product that has allowed us to reallocate employees to other critical areas of A/R management.”

RMI Physician Services Corporation

“The Appliance has greatly increased our efficiency in transferring data to/from IMAGINE. It provides us with tools necessary to automate all of the data transfer processes between RMI and RealMed (our clearing house). In addition, the Appliance automated our demographic and charge file loading, insurance and statement billing processes, electronic payment file loading and payment posting, and creation and transfer of third party files to our print-mail vendors and third-party collection agencies. The flexibility of the Appliance provides many opportunities for us to reduce reliance on a human resource to remember to perform a repetitive task that we can schedule using the Appliance.”
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