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Types of Training

The IMAGINE Team provides clients with dedicated trainers that become part of your team and provide both on-site and remote training for the entire staff. The IMAGINE Team can provide train-the-trainer, group, or one-on-one training either remote or on-site.

Our training staff is always available for your “go live” date and can also provide remote monitoring to ensure IMAGINE is being used at the highest level of efficiency.

Train the Trainer
“Train the Trainer” will require a small group to be trained on all processes within IMAGINE. Then, this small group will train the rest of your staff before implementation is complete.

Classroom Style
“Classroom Style” requires all office staff members as a whole to be trained by an IMAGINE representative prior to the completion of implementation. The process involves topic-based training to all applicable staff members and is usually performed in a conference room.

Standard Training Procedure
The following training sessions will be provided during the IMAGINE implementation process.

Remote Overview Training
Includes a total of three (3) high-level training sessions via conference call and Live Meeting, each session lasting one hour.


Client Pre-Simulation
One (1) week will be allotted for IMAGINE to be set-up at your location as well as offer preliminary practice time in preparation for Administrative and User Training.

Administrative Training
Onsite, hands-on training by an IMAGINE representative with the administrative staff to show the setup and highly sensitive configuration pieces of IMAGINE. Typical duration consists of four (4) business days (usually Monday – Thursday) during regular business hours.

User Training
Onsite, hands-on training with the billing staff, delivered in either the “Train the Trainer” or “Classroom Style” method. Typical duration consists of four (4) business days (usually Monday – Thursday) during regular business hours.

Client Post-Simulation
One (1) week will be allotted for continued IMAGINE setup and configuration processes, as well as offer final practice time for all newly trained users

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