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Patient Information Portal

iPay - Patient Payment Portal

iPay Splash Screen

The iPay application is a web-based portal that performs multiple functions for patients, offering time and task effort reduction for both the patient and administrative user.

iPay interacts specifically with the IMAGINE product suite, allowing patient users to make online payments, enroll in a budget plan, maintain demographic and insurance information, review current and previous statement information, and inquire about open balances and charges due. Patients’ ability to perform these tasks reduces the need for patient follow-up calls, administration efforts to maintain patient information and approve budget plan requests, and eliminates paper statements and their costs.

Accept Payment 24/7

IMAGINE iPay Key Features

Top features of IMAGINE Payment Portal - iPay:

1Feature One: Automates the Private Pay Process

2Feature Two: Reduces Mailing Costs

3Feature Three: Provides more accurate Demographics

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