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Medical Practice Manager

IMAGINE v10 Medical Billing and Practice Manager

IMAGINE Medical Blling and Practice Manager

The IMAGINE v10™ medical Practice Management System improves cash flow, streamlines processes and provides unprecedented, real-time productivity management. Advanced technology leverages staff capabilities for a true “new generation” billing / collections effort. Designed to further enhance the advantages of IMAGINE billing software, version 10 of our Practice Manager meets the needs of hospitals, medical practices, and billing companies by improving practical applications within the billing system, including easy to use navigation, grouping of like information and class together, automatic adjustment of screen size and resolution, and recent account retrieval.

IMAGINE v10™ is the industry's first intelligent multi-platform channeling practice management system. The core module of IMAGINE Practice Manager offers integrated features including: automated workflows, charge central, extensive audit trail, document management, denial mitigation, dual ICD9 and ICD10, autocoding, flex reporting and more.

The IMAGINE Practice Management Suite

Features of IMAGINE Billing Software


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IMAGINE Key Features

Top features of IMAGINE:

1Life Time Accounts: for an efficient claim lifecycle.

2Business Intelligence: Adhoc reporting and monitoring.

3Workflow Automation:to dramatically improve productivity.

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