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IMAGINE Revenue Cycle Management Solution

Automated Revenue Cycle Manager IMAGINEappliance™

Automated revenue cycle management with IMAGINE

The IMAGINEappliance™ is designed to automate the billing and revenue cycle management processes such that little to no human intervention is needed for a vast majority of the billing workflow. Automated timers and natural language processing take over human steps necessary in the billing process, including the acquisition of demographics and charges, coding of charges, checking against payer rules, and submitting for payment.

Claim Lifecycle Automation - The IMAGINEappliance™ takes practice billing to the next level with hands-free automation of many billing activities, eliminating routine and time-consuming manual work on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your business needs. Revenue Cycle Management your way with IMAGINE billing.

IMAGINEappliance Key Features

1Automate Charge Capture : Automate the Download Process

2Real Time Validation: Real-time Data Validation

3Auto Coding: Auto Coding and Charge Posting

Automate your revenue cycle with IMAGINE Appliance
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