Monday, November 24, 2014

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Who we are...

Technology Partners, Inc. {dba} IMAGINE Software, is a leading provider of practice management applications and medical billing and automation software. IMAGINE is cutting-edge technology for medical billing offices, practices, and hospitals that improves efficiency and while increasing cash by applying high quality standards to data integrity. We are committed to innovative development and intelligent automation to help clients achieve peak performance and measurable results.


To simplify healthcare management through quality medical software technology, resulting in empowered customers, by driving continuous innovation.

Core Values

Innovation - Embrace and drive the future.

Motivation - Inspire others to achieve greatness, and to act with a sense of urgency.

Accountability - Take ownership of our actions, match behaviors to our words.

Genuine - Be truthful to ourselves and others in both words and actions.

Integrity - Be ethically unyielding and honest.

No-Excuses Attitude - Keep our focus on the solution, not the limitations.

Excellence - Consistently exceed the expectations of our customers with outstanding product and services.


As one of the longest-standing leaders in the new practice management area, Technology Partners, Inc. offers powerful technologies and expert support professionals to ensure simplicity and ease-of-use at every step of the process.

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Technology Partners, Inc.
[dba] IMAGINE Software

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